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It is without the slightest doubt one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. We usually avoid these busy areas, where the smell of sun cream reigns and there are too many parasols planted in the white sand. But we couldn’t miss the internationally famous atoll, Bora Bora.

In one meter of water, with a sandy seabed, our catamaran bobbed about in the current, in one of the best anchorages further south, close to the only pass in the area.

We knew Bora Bora for its rays, both bluespotted and manta. In 6 years we hadn’t had the opportunity to swim with these giants of the sea.

Early one morning, we were surprised to see, at the stern, a manta ray swimming gently in the anchorage, alone in the sandy expanse.

There was no choice but jump into the water! It was indifferent to us, and we were able to follow it for almost an hour, impressed by its size and grace.

A group had just changed areas, and it turned out that we were on one of the routes favored by the giants.

We were lucky that the dozens of tourists in speed boats hadn’t managed to find the spot!

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