The Saints, the sequel…

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This time, Ludovic Dabriou, manager of the company ‘Les Saintes Multiservices’ has written to us:
Jean-François says that “the anchorage for boats under 20m is on compulsory buoys without services, for which a charge is made”, and “the anchorages cover all the sites and are limited to 3 knots, except for the locals…”.
These are completely untrue remarks. To restore the truth, there are firstly 4 buoyed mooring areas in the Saints bay (bourg / anse mire area - anse du fond du curé area - ilet à Cabrit area - pain de sucre area). Inside these areas, anchoring is prohibited. So if you don’t want to pay the fees, you must anchor outside these buoyed areas.

All cruising boats (whether using these areas or not) can fill up with fresh water from a tap for 1 euro per 100 litres. We also take care of collecting cruisers’ rubbish, free of charge, if it is sorted, as well as weather forecasts and the mail service.
Alongside these services, we offer cruisers paying services: washing and drying service for clothes; drink and ice provisioning; bread and cake delivery; fuel…
In addition, cruisers can have access to the shower (paying service) by applying directly to the tourist office, Place du Débarcadère.
Finally, to return to Jean-François’s remarks, I would like to point out that marine traffic in the anchorage areas is governed by a police order limiting speed inside these areas to 3 knots, for everybody, and defining the navigation channel for passenger boats...”
There, it’s been said!
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