The Superyacht has the wind in its sails

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The proof: during the summer, and even before the boat show season had begun, the company, based in Gdansk, Poland, announced orders for three new boats of over 80 feet... Impressive!

The boats are a Sunreef 82 Double Deck, a Sunreef 90 Power and a Sunreef 80 Carbon Line, whose construction will therefore be starting in the coming months.

This promises an even more impressive show of force at the 2014 Cannes Boat Show, whilst this year, the builder has already presented six catamarans of over 60 feet...

But for all that, the builder’s research and development department has not stopped reflecting, and designing new boats, as the very exciting projects for a 210’ mega-trimaran and a 165-foot sailing catamaran prove. There are no longer any limits...

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