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Once again this year, you will be able to see some of the most beautiful multihulls in ocean racing heritage sailing in the Golden Oldies Trophy, in the Mediterranean (at Port Camargue, from 29th May to 1st June 2014) and in the Atlantic (at Concarneau from 8th to 10th August)
But the most recent multihulls are not established as part of this heritage, and continue their life. This is the case for the Orma 60’, formerly Groupama, which has become MightyMerloe, and races regularly on the west coast of the USA, where it joins Orion, the Mod 70 n°2. Another Orma, the former Banque Populaire, is now in Australia and races (rather brilliantly) against competition which is inevitably at a disadvantage.
Finally, the former Orange II which held the Jules Verne Trophy with Bruno Peyron in 2005 (in 50 days) as well as the Atlantic and 24-hour records, is currently being worked on in the boatyard, to become... a (very) fast cruising catamaran! The 36-metre catamaran has returned to the yard where it was built (Multiplast) to be turned into a superb long-term cruising boat for its new owner, François Bich. The boat will be equipped with a nacelle, and six cabins will be fitted into the hulls. The boat’s new name is Vitalia II...

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