Thomas Coville: the incredible feat

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Alone aboard his SodeboUltim, a trimaran 31m long and 21m wide, carrying up to 680m² of sail, Thomas Coville has just sailed round the world via the three Capes (Good Hope – Leeuwin – Horn) in 49 days. He has thus beaten Francis Joyon’s record, set in 2008, by over 8 days, at a staggering average speed of 24.09 knots (18.32 knots on the great circle). In addition to the record itself, Thomas took three other records (Indian Ocean record, Pacific Ocean record, and Equator-Equator record) and eight reference times...

To understand the level of this achievement, let us just remind you that only three people have dared to tackle this adventure of a non-stop circumnavigation in a multihull with no outside assistance: Francis Joyon, Ellen MacArthur and Thomas Coville. Thomas has shown real pugnacity in taking this record, as he has finally succeeded after five attempts!

On the record sheets, the singlehander has just set the third fastest absolute time around the world ever ratified, behind Loïck Peyron (45 days fully-crewed – 14 people aboard Banque Populaire V) and Franck Cammas (48 days fully-crewed – 10 people aboard Groupama 3).

Just one word comes to mind concerning this circumnavigation: thanks. Thanks, Thomas, for having us on the edge of our seats during these 49 days, and having – once again - proved that talent, motivation and excellent preparation allow us to achieve our objectives.


Round the world in figures

Ushant / Equator: 5d 17h 15m 2s

Ushant / Good Hope: 14d 4h 43m 48s

Ushant: Cape Leeuwin: 21d 3h 9m 8s

Indian Ocean record* (Cape Agulhas / Tasmania): 8d 12h 19m

Ushant / Tasmania: 22d 17h 1m 23s

Pacific Ocean record* (Tasmania / Cape Horn): 8d 18h 28m 30s

Ushant / Cape Horn 31d 11h 30m 8s

Equator / Equator record: 35d 21h 38m 6s

Times to beat (Francis Joyon IDEC): 57d 13h 34m

Record Thomas Coville – SodeboUltim’: 49d, 3h, 7m 38s

*awaiting WSSRC confirmation

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