Tricat trimarans, the new boats for 2016

Published on 17 february 2016 at 11h31

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Tricat, the specialist in fast trimarans, is offering a certain number of new boats for 2016: firstly the Tricat Access 6 is now being built using infusion, which allows a weight saving of 50 kg, compared to the standard version. Weighing less than 490kg, it therefore doesn’t need a braked trailer to be transported, and is even more efficient on the water!

The Tricat 22 Extreme makes no concessions: an all-carbon boat for top level performance. The proof – it finished second in the last ‘Tour de Belle Ile’ in France.

But the major new boat is of course the Tricat 30, whose launch is planned for the end of 2016. A genuine cruiser for sailing fast from one anchorage to another...

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