Trimaran : A new giant

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Once it is well sorted, the trimaran will be tackling the Route de la Découverte record, held by Franck Cammas aboard Groupama 3 in 7 days and 10 hours.

The return to Europe could give rise to an attempt on the 24-hour record, if the weather conditions are right...

But the real madness is to attempt to sail the trimaran (which was designed to race round the world fully crewed) singlehanded, for the Rhum. The whole design team is currently working on the necessary modifications for Spindrift 2 to become manageable singlehanded and to try and beat the competitors in this mythical transatlantic race.

Once in the West Indies, the trimaran will go on stand-by in New York, to try and beat its own record (at the time of Banque Pop V and Pascal Bidegorry) across the Atlantic: 3 days and 15 hours, at an average of over 33 knots!

Finally, in 2015, Spindrift will attempt to beat the round the world record. Enough to keep the crew fully occupied for the coming years.

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