VITALIA II Catamaran

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Everyone remembers Orange II, the fabulous 36 meter catamaran designed and built by Multiplast for Bruno Peyron. In 2005 on that boat, he won his third Jules Verne trophy in 50 days, 16 hours and 20 minutes.

Following a distinguished racing career, this record-breaking machine is now enjoying a new lease of life thanks to sail and multihull enthusiast, François Bich. He has chosen the Gilles Ollier design team to transform this platform into an ultra-fast round the world cruising yacht. A 70m² nacelle has been installed aft of the mast beam to house a dining area, galley bar and owner’s cabin with a sea view. In the hulls, three guest cabins have been fitted out, as well as crew cabins for five experienced sailors. Because the intrinsic qualities of the catamaran have been retained as much as possible and only a little less than 20 tons have been added, skipper Patrick Sassier can achieve average speeds in the order of 20 to 25 knots and more. So, all in all it’s a very courageous and stunning conversion, and one which is aiming to produce the fastest sailing superyacht in the world. Note that the Multihulls World team has tested this superb catamaran (see the next edition).

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