Wharram: 60 years on and still more projects

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James Wharram has just celebrated the sixtieth anniversary of his first Atlantic crossing, which he completed on his first Tangaroa catamaran. A nice celebration, which brought together friends and admirers of the famous naval architect. But although James likes to party, he is also a hard worker and has just presented his new designs, produced in cooperation with Hanneke Boon.
The Mana 24 (7.16m long) is a coastal cruising catamaran, whose plans will be available at the beginning of 2016, for a price of around €6,000. A boat available in kit form, to make assembly easier.
For those looking for a more comfortable boat capable of taking them around the world, note that the Islander 55 is a genuine ocean cruiser, built in the Philippines with prices from US$290,000...

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