World Championships

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And this year has had a special flavour, with the first world championship on the new Olympic support, the Nacra 17. Needless to say, all the aspiring Olympic medallists made the trip, to measure themselves against the competition, just three years before the next games in Rio.

At the finish, and after an interminable wait, due to the total absence of wind, it was finally the French pair, Billy Besson and Marie Riou, who dominated, thus becoming the first world champions in the support’s history.On the second step of the podium, we find the English crew, Ben Saxtonet and Hannah Diamond, whilst the Swiss duo, Matías Bühleret and Nathalie Brugger took third place.

Note that Billy Besson, this time accompanied by Jérémie Lagarrigue also won the title of F 18 World Champion in Italy this summer (ahead of the English crew Styles/Mason, and the Spaniards, Booth/Booth).

All of which bodes well for the two sailors, who should be racing in the Little America’s Cup, in C Class catamarans...

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