Xquisite X5 Sail Catamaran at the Miami Boat show 2015

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The X5 Sail is a blue water cruising catamaran whose original design is the Dean 5000, but which has been completely revised by the new team. The X5 thus has a new hull design, and a completely redesigned cockpit-saloon area, but retains its exceptional volumes. Finally, the construction (using infusion) of the first in the series has already begun in South Africa, in a brand-new factory. The builder will be present at the Miami Boat Show, and the first X5 will be presented at Annapolis in October 2015. The company is counting on a production of 6 to 8 boats per year and at the same time as this X5, is launching a motor version, the X5 Power.

Check it out at Miamarina, Bayside - dock C.

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