Pacific Ocean

The photographer's eye

Published on 18 march 2017 at 9h00

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Having left Tonga four days previously, we hadn’t stopped fishing. Loads of tuna, bonitos, etc… We were trying to get closer to Ceva-I-Ra, a deserted atoll, inaccessible by boat, belonging to the Fiji Islands. An excellent way of filling the freezer with succulent oceanic flavors!

We passed less than a mile away from the reef; ideas came into our heads… What if we stopped here? So close to the objective why should we return to New Caledonia (New Caledonia would mark the end of the round the world voyage for the crew of But no…we can’t live forever on love alone!

After a few moments of nostalgia regarding our voyage, we contemplated the immortal ocean sunset, which is never the same twice. Our hearts were as much on fire as the horizon. was returning home, back to its departure point, but this time from the west. New Caledonia was only a few hundred miles ahead of us, and we were going to complete the circle, after a 6-year voyage around the world.


The Ocean was superb, delicately smoothed by the south-easterly tradewinds; the catamaran seemed to be happy to return to the Coral Sea, it slipped over the waves at over six knots… Magic moments!

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