New range of LED lightings

Published on 15 july 2015 at 9h51

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Those lights combine the effect of a solar panel and a wind turbine, in order to recharge the lithium-ion battery that will power them up to 150 hours.
The starting and stopping are automatic, thank to the integrated brightness sensor.
Therefore, the setting up is very fast. No more electrical wires to put in the mast, no connections, no sealing problems and no maintenance to forecast.
The kit includes a compact case (11,5 cm diameter x 7,5cm height) which integrates all the components, and a remote control to activate different operating modes (navigation, mooring, SOS, flash…).
They also are a real plus in terms of safety, and can supplement the prescribed navigation lights are they visible up to 3,4 miles.
Perfect for your multihull!

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