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Modern boats such as catamarans or other skiff can go faster and faster and can cause important traumatism in case of high deceleration and capsize.
Making a parallel with other sports such as horse riding, ski or cycle, we can think that the helmet will become more and more used in the sailing activities, with the risks of fall or shock against dagger boards or and boom.
This new sailing helmet in technology In Mold proposes an innovative solution : a thin hull in polycarbonate co-injected with polystyrene foam.
This technology enables to get a very light helmet (only 253g !) but resistant enough to absorb violent shocks.

Specification :
- In Mold construction : thin and very light
- Many openings for a good airing
- Weight : 253g
- Adjustable size thanks to a feet system
– for a good comfort and an optimal protection
By ForWard Sailing

Innovation : This helmet is equipped with a quick-release buckle which will automatically open for a charge upper than 20kg. This enables to take it off quickly and easily if you are stuck in a strangling position for example.
Thus, this new helmet enables to go sailing in all condition, cheeky, and with a good protection.

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