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New polarised sunglasses specially designed for sailing

New sunglasses Forward Sailing designed in collaboration with Loick Peyron.

They are equiped with lens of category 3 and 100% UV (ideal filtration for a sunny use on sea), polarised and hydrophobic. 3 differet colours are available (option)The frame has been designed to get a an optimal protection : covering and profiled to fit the shape of large range of faces. It will fit easily to many faces thanks to the adjustable grip nose (silicone with plastic co injected to keep the ideal shape)The profiled arms are curved and enveloping. Their design makes sunglasses 100% compatible witou our sailing helmet. They are equipped with an interchangeable grip for a great stickiness and a possible customization (4 colours available).

Innovation : these sunglasses are designed with a security system, discret and efficient for not loosing them during capsize for example. An elastic is integrated inside the arms and goes behing the head to keep them in case of problem while the global design remains discret and stylish.

Key points :
- Profiled frame for a good protection, which fits well on a large range of faces.
- Polarised lens, category 3 and 100% UV.
- Adjustable grip nose made in silicone & plastic.
- Enveloping arms compatible with sailing helmet.
- Security system with an integrated elastic in the arms.
- Delivered with a choc proof box.
- Many colours available:
                   --> 5 different frames : black/black, black/red, mat white, shiny white, smoked grey.
- Many options to customize the look of these sunglasses :
                   --> 3 sets of polarised lens (option) : grey, chrome red, chrome blue 

Delivered with a protection bag.

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