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OZ Marine, the Scandinavian electric propulsion specialist, has just equipped a Dragonfly in this way. The system equipping the trimaran can include a generator, for recharging the batteries, but they can also be recharged thanks to the boat's speed. The principle is well-known; the propeller turns at a speed which depends on the speed of the boat under sail, creating energy which is collected to recharge the batteries. The OZ Marine system thus gives 600W at 10 knots, and 2000W at 15, with the 3.6KW OZSingle, and 900W at 10 knots and 3000W at 15 with the 5.8KW OZTwin motor...
Light (14kg for the OZSingle), and allowing you to recharge the batteries whilst sailing, the system should appeal to multihull owners...  
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