Thermal camera T200

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Designed for small boats, the T200 range is compact and light times. Measuring only 7 "high and 5.9" in diameter, the compact dimensions of the T200 makes it the ideal choice of boats where the larger models of thermal imaging cameras were previously considered impractical. Its small footprint allows it to be installed on a car roof, a pole or mast radar.

T200 Key Features
• The fixed camera target objects on the boat's
• Compact and lightweight design, easy to install on all boats
• FLIR thermal imaging technology superior
• Selectable color palettes user
• Digital Zoom
• Composite Video Output
• Controllable from Raymarine multifunction series a, c, e and since the new series gs
Base price of the T200 camera from € 2995.00 / £ 2495 excl. Vat

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