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Sometimes, only a few miles or more from the "sunshine highways", from north to south or east to west, there are towns, or even whole countries, which are worth the trip and all the tacking and choppy seas before you get settled in... Here are a few initial ideas, obviously subjective, for places which are a little different, original, hidden, dreamlike, poetic...

Different kind of round the world trip

The photo in front of the Statue of Liberty: one of the essential souvenirs of a round the world trip. You've still got to sail as far as New York though!

Cities: The Great Forgotten Destinations.

Throughout a sabbatical year or retirement, whether it's an early one or not and whether it's an active or leisurely trip, there will be a part of us that yearns for white sand and coconut palms. However, statistics tell us that since 2006, the majority of the world's population lives in urban centers. The architecture, the cultural life and their natural gregariousness, are all things which fascinate as well as repulse us. There's a kind of luxuriousness about sailing alongside a coastal metropolis. There's both a reassuring distance, and a permanently available emergency exit. There's the possibility of being able to contemplate the most wonderful and mythical monuments from an unusual and therefore privileged position. There's a chance, in a detached way, to observe the frenetic, hectic and deafening rhythm of millions of human beings going about their business. And then in the evening, to take refuge in the cosy cocoon of the salon. What childish delight one can take from being able to go to concerts aboard the unlikely transport that is a semi-rigid dinghy. How great to be able to visit the most wonderful museums and most in vogue exhibitions with our salty deck shoes on our feet! My list isn't complete, and I look forward to hearing your suggestions, but here are a few ideas that come to mind. New York first of course. Just to look past your mast with the perspective of the city behind, and to sail under the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. Head for Ellis Island and perform the most stunning of all tacking maneuvers in front of the Statue of Liberty. Who's going to go in the dinghy so that we can preserve the moment with a photo? It's in the can! Then go and moor your boat at the foot of Manhattan's skyscrapers, just like the great trimarans before a record-breaking transat crossing! Far to the south towards the southern tip of the American continent, is Rio, where the beaches, music, Caïpirinha and its troubled beauty are known around the world. But did you know that its mythical bay is without doubt home to one of the most fabulous sailing clubs in the world. It will be a challenge to moor there in 2016 when the sprawling Brazilian city will play host to the Olympic Games. The sailing races will take place a kilometer away at Marina de Gloria, off the Flamengo Beach. However, the "Iate Club Do Rio De Janeiro" is unique amongst sailing clubs. It occupies a former aerodrome ...

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