Temptation: left from Saint Barth.

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Who:               Cécile, 33, Angélo, 36, and Lenny, 8.

Where:            Left from St. Barth

Boat:               Lagoon 400



We bought our boat, a 2013 Lagoon 400, at the beginning of last year. It is equipped with four cabins and four heads; to begin with we actually thought about chartering, but we changed our plans and decided to set off around the world… The charter could wait. The big day arrived. We left St. Barth at sunrise, heading for Martinique for a technical stop of a few days. After having finally received our watermaker and fitted it, the weather conditions joined forces against us, but it didn’t matter, and we nevertheless set off! Reaching Guadeloupe proved to be too complicated, with a 30-knot wind from the south, and we stopped at Nevis. After waiting for two days for the wind to change, we nevertheless set off again; after 8 hours of sail and engine, the wind finally turned to the east; with two reefs in the main and half the genoa, we were then sailing at between 6 and 9 knots. A short stop for the night in Guadeloupe, to get our strength back and say hello to our friends, then we set off again for Martinique in the middle of the night. And when the bell rang early in the morning for the beginning of ...

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