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The specifications for this project? A small sailboat that would be quick to set up by just one person, transportable, eco-friendly and inexpensive. With the additional constraint of being sufficiently stable that you’re extremely unlikely to end up in the water in the depths of winter. The trimaran formula quickly became established. Naval architects wanted to reconcile modern design and lineage with the traditional multihulls of the Pacific. Combining these two extreme inspirations, the arms are made of glued laminated wood and assembled to the central hull with lashings. Kanka is built in St Phillibert (in southern Brittany, France). Depending on the interest from boaters, it may be available in finished or kit form, as well as at various stages of construction.


Country France
overall length 13.12ft
beam 12.14ft
displacement 297.62lb
Naval architect

Rigging and Sails

mainsail 91.49ft2
jib 47.36ft2
gennaker 161.46ft2

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