MultiHulls World, the essentials for catamarans and trimarans
MultiHulls World, the essentials for catamarans and trimarans
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Multihulls World - issue 5

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Special edition #5 - PDF EDITION - summer 2011

News from the pontoons
The on-board library
Shopping: the essentials for leaving
On the net
No comment

A year without winter...
In the West Indies
The other destinations

Multihulls to leave in:
- The 40-footers
- The 45 footers
- Over 50 feet

Preparation for a voyage
- Choose your downwind sail
- Aim: self-sufficiency

James Wharram: celestial adventurer or visionary architect?

Stories from the other side of the world
Nan Fong faced with pirates
Caroline and John, from a monohull to a catamaran for a round-the-world trip…
"La jolie boucle": a family in the Caribbean
Sara and Rolando: the world’s oceans as their garden...
A sabbatical year prepared in three months is possible!    

My voyage half way round the world in fifteen anchorages...

Tips and ideas for a successful voyage in a catamaran...
over 300 tests of Catamarans & Trimarans
for only
5.99 €
See the list of tests available in integral issue
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