MultiHulls World, the essentials for catamarans and trimarans
MultiHulls World, the essentials for catamarans and trimarans
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Multihulls World - issue 6

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Special Edition #6 - Summer 2012

News from the pontoons


Shopping: essentials for ocean cruising

News from the high seas:
News from our readers on the other side of the world...

Tales from the other side of the world
The incredible saga of Naga...
Spirit of Rio discovering Madagascar
A dream cruise aboard Drozorus
Chronicle of a coming transat
Two years at the ends of the earth

PREPARING your voyage: how to learn to sail in a cat...    

Second-hand: the best deals on the market

20 ocean cruising boats on test, to find the right one for you!
Seawind 1160
Leopard 39
Lagoon 400
Lipari 41
Nautitech 44/441/442
Lagoon 450
Neel 45
Catana 47
Knysna 480
Gunboat 48
Outremer 49
Soubise 49
Discovery 50
Bamba 50
TS 52,8
Nautitech 542
Swiss S2C 55
Sanya 57
Sunreef 58
over 300 tests of Catamarans & Trimarans
for only
5.49 €
See the list of tests available in integral issue
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