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STILETTO - Shipyard - catamaran - trimaran

Stiletto Catamarans
Making memories since 1976

Stiletto Catamarans has produced high performance catamarans for over four decades. Launched in 1976 with the classic Stiletto 27, Stiletto built generations of loyal sailors who love sailing fast and shallow. Stiletto is the perfect weekend boat for friends and family looking to explore waters near and far. Stiletto can be trailered to new cruising grounds or far away races.

Stiletto owners cite reaching speeds upwards of 25 knots and regularly race their boats, and still Stiletto is well balanced for recreational use with a generous righting moment meant to be easily managed and simple to sail.

The Ultimate Beach Cat
Stiletto is the perfect boat for sailing and camping. With kickup rudders and centerboard, the classic Stiletto 27 is easily beached and drafts only 10” making her simple to navigate and fun to sail. She is easy to pull up onto the beach and easy to launch off the beach. A perfect family boat, she is ideal to take sailing on long weekends and summer nights.

Stiletto X-Series
In 2016, Stiletto launches the New! Stiletto X-Series a line of three 10m models modernizing the Stiletto design. The X-Series includes the Stiletto X10 -- the ultimate beach cat aimed at recreational sailing, the Stiletto Xc -- the charter edition for daysailing charter operations, and the Stiletto Xf -- a foiling racer.

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