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Shipyard : LAGOON CATAMARANS / Length : 14.1m

Lagoon 47 catamaran : Worthy of its big brother

Following the Lagoon 55 catamaran, one of the mast beautiful production catamarans destined for charter, here is the Lagoon 47 catamaran, more manageable... and cheaper! Charterers will not tear taking it out without the help of a crew and the "owner" version will interest those who want to make an ocean voyage on a fast boat that 's both pleasant to live on and to look at.

From "Van Pet" and Lauriot-Prévot you can't expect just any old boat, here again , the lucky charm that looks alter the two accomplices has worked again. The Lagoon 47 catamaran, to start with, seduces with ils irreproachable esthetic, the magnificent rigging supplied by Jean-Pierre Maréchal giving it a very attractive sporting look.

One is in a hurry to leave the quay and see what the beast has to offer.
However, on this day Brittany gave us the sort of weather to make you stay in the warm, rather than let the drizzle fall. As for the visibility, we could see the channel buoys, but of the islands, the streets or the coast more than half a mile away, nothing. A touch of wind deigned to blow at twelve knots, fifteen, eighteen sometimes, with incessant little gusts which would quickly allow us to judge the sensitivity of the helm and the vivaciousness of the boat.
As we know well, cruising multihulls, especially those destined mainly for rental are normally easy to handle and taking the helm, except under a stiff breeze, is hardly more exciting with sails than with a motor. I had tried the Lagoon 55 catamaran in the Antilles, and in the channels between the islands where the wind increases in three minutes to more than 40 knots, I had a whale of a time.
The Lagoon 47 catamaran gave me the same pleasure: you could feel the lively helm, she accelerated with the least wind and reacted to the slightest movement. And yet, it does not have a very light displacement. Loaded with the passengers and their baggage and provisions, the boat approaches 11 tonnes. But, despite their volume, the hulls, very streamlined at the waterline and supplied with two skegs, only give a small amount of wetted surface.


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