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REVIEWS Bavaria Nautitech Open 46


Shipyard : NAUTITECH YACHTS / Length : 13.71m

Nautitech Open 46
The XXL-sized Open

Following the success of their 40, Nautitech has taken their “Open” concept to a larger model. So the nacelle and cockpit become one, but the volume created is a hell of a lot bigger!

Text and photos: Emmanuel van Deth

We were won over by the Open 40 with its huge living space cleverly spread between the nacelle and the cockpit - Nautitech’s famous “Open” concept. Early 2015, Nutitech promised us a big brother for the 40. At the time, it was a question of a model topped with a flybridge where the helm station and sail trimming gear was to be found. This flybridge version had its first outing, at the following Cannes boat show. Heavier (by 400kg) and having lost 6.5m² of sail area, it offered a remarkable living space, and responded to the yachtsman demanding a 360° view of the water.

But let’s get back to our Open 46. Historically, Nautitech has resolutely promoted the idea of seaworthiness above all for their catamarans - comfort, yes, but performance and sailing pleasure must also be at the top of the list. This objective is plain to see with this new Nautitech. Remaining faithful to their (excellent) values, the first open 46s are available in “traditional” version, with two helms, a standard coachroof and a powerful sailplan. The model seen for the first time at the International Multihull Show at La Grande Motte in France clearly stands out from the first generation - the Dufour-designed Nautitechs and the older 40 and 47. The 46 has much higher freeboard, with fuller hulls… only the upper part though, as a step on each side considerably narrows the beam at the waterline. Also of note is the very sleek rig, with the masthead being 23 meters above the water.
A look at the gelcoat, the stiffness of flat surfaces and the quality of the fittings generally give a measure of the build quality.

Inside or out?

Nearing the end of a gloomy day, I could immediately see the appeal of the Open concept: straight away in the cockpit there wasn’t a breath of wind or drop of rain. The protection from the bimini surround and the eaves of the coachroof was brilliant. And the cleverly designed combination of inside and outside gives an unrivalled feeling of space, when in reality, the nacelle is actually pretty compact.


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Specification sheet Bavaria Nautitech Open 46

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