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Shipyard : FOUNTAINE PAJOT / Length : 17.2m

With a length of 16,30 metres and living quarters of 140 m2 between the trampoline, square and cockpit, "Marquises", presented for the first time at the Grand Pavois in la Rochelle, is the largest cruising catamaran designed by Jean Berret and the Fountaine Pajot boatyard. lnspired by its big brothers, "Charente Maritime1& Il", notably for the deck plan, it is fast under its 160 m2 of sail wh ile still remaining easy for a family crew to manoeuvre. Qualities required for a charter programme of long trips around the Antilles or the Mediterranean.

Jean Francois Fountaine has certainly got into the spirit of the great ocean going catamaran that have carried the Charante Maritime colours, by designing the hull with Jean Berret and the lay out with Olivier Flahaut. "Marquises" is an evocative name that has just completed the range of crusing catamarans from 35 to 53 feet. A prestige craft thal has nothing in cammon with those initial cruising multihulls that were just as fast, but rather spartan in their comforts. Nowadays, the clients of whom 60% are foreigners, require, apart from speed, that this kind of boat has the comfort and ease of lite normally found in a quality hotel ; individual toilets, top level domestic electrical equipmant including freezer and microwave, and fresh water provided by a desalinator. ln other words, ail the facilities of lite on land combined with the pleasures of sailing. Today ali this is possible with craft of this

size, real floating hotels for ten or twelve people plus skipper and hostess. From now on, with this type of boat, we look at habitability in terms of cabins and no longer bunks, "Marquises" conceived with this principle in mind is available in two models : owner occupied with four double cabins or charter with six cabins (in both cases, bunks for the skipper and hostess in the rear of the hulls). The madel on show at the Grand Pavois in la Rochelle was the ti tth made by the Fountaine Pajot shipyard at the 5500 m2 Aigrefeuille factory at a rate of four boats a year destined mostly for export within the EEC but also to the United States, Canada and Japan. The first model that we were able to test is now sailing around Thailand. 


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Specification sheet MARQUISES 56 Fountaine Pajot

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