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REVIEWS Bamba 50


Shipyard : BAMBA YACHTS / Length : 15m

Bamba 50 catamaran : Sail or engine : the choice is yours!

Half-way between a (blue water) cruising multihull and a pure trawler catamaran, the Bamba catamaran reinvents the art of cruising under power.

It is very hard not to find this Bamba 50 catamaran beautiful, with its grey finish, shown off by the low sunshine which gives Brittany such pretty colours. In the anchorage at Ster Vraz, on the west coast of Belle Ile en Mer, Christophe Laurent, the boss of the La Rochelle-based builder, Bamba Yachts, came ashore in the big dinghy belonging to this 50-foot trawler, the first example of which has just recently been launched. Trawler, you say, but it has a mast. Well yes, with the aim of saving fuel during ocean crossings, in the trade winds with the wind aft, the Bamba 50 catamaran will unroll its very big roller genoa, measuring nearly a hundred square metres.

From the dinghy, access aboard is via one of the two gates on either side of the catamaran. There are two others at the aft end of the hulls. Enough to provide for all eventualities when embarking... For this test, we had planned to sail round Belle Ile, about thirty miles, with a few stops. So as not to distort our impressions, we hoisted the dinghy aboard. Here there are no davits, and as it is a yacht, it has a telescopic crane allowing the dinghy to be hoisted onto the flybridge. This crane is essential – don’t even think about moving this dinghy by hand; it is propelled by a 50hp motor and is heavy. The crane is manipulated with a remote control, and as we used it, we sensed the nostalgia for childhood train sets appearing in the memories of the masculine elements of the crew... Once in position, the dinghy cover was fitted (for more aesthetically-pleasing photos); we were ready to go...


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