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CATAMARAN REVIEWS : Comparison 45 feet: which multi to choose?

Shipyard : LAGOON CATAMARANS / Length : 13.96m

Neither too big nor too small: 45 feet is the right size for leaving as a family. One hull for the parents, one hull for the children, a cabin for passing guests, good load-carrying capacity without having a rig which is too powerful for easy handling... And all for a budget comparable to that of a house...not a mansion! Amongst the many models on the market, we have short-listed the Hélia 44, the Nautitech 441/442, the Lagoon 450, the Leopard 48, the Neel 45 and the Antares 44i. 

Download the test in PDF version : 5.00 € US$ 5.38

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Specification sheet

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