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REVIEWS Bandit 870

Shipyard MULTIDO

Shipyard : MULTIDO / Length : 8.7m

Bandit 870 trimaran

Following the release of the prototype Bandit 800 trimaran in 2006 by the yard and the delivery of 3 or 4 units (of which one racing version sported a carbon mast), the marketing of the trimaran Bandit has been uncertain. The model has now been reborn and lengthened to 8.70 meters. Join me for a spectacular test of this trimaran, a real discovery!

Bandit 870 trimaran : A niche market

The small world of trailable folding trimarans is one which has historically been dominated by two players: Corsair and Dragonfly. But there are others. Ian Farrier, the designer of the early Corsairs and inventor of the concept, left the Californian builder when they moved to Vietnam. He subsequently continued to ply his trade in Australia and New Zealand, essentially working on prototypes of cruiser-racers, and plans for self-builds. The Swedish yard Seaon launched an exceptional little machine which was distributed privately, and the attractive T29 made quite an entrance at the 2013 Grand Pavois boat show in La Rochelle. Tricat, created in the mid-2000s by Antoine Houdet, has its own place in the market, with a 22’, a liveable 23.5, a beautifully evolved 25 with composite beams and a 30’ currently in build. There have been around 15 units built of the Challenge 30 built by Naval Force 3. The total volume of sales of folding multihulls remains modest, despite being fairly international. Their rate of progress within the market is probably largely down to obvious reasons. These boats, which are attractive in more ways than one, are well suited to the constraints of overcrowded marinas: the only thing which slows their expansion: high production costs, and therefore high price!

A guided tour of the Bandit 870 trimaran

The Bandit 870 trimaran is beautiful. This statement may seem unexciting, if you don't take into account the difficulties involved in successfully creating the lines of a small folding trimaran of which the constraints are many. The sections of the arms are generous, without altering the overall lines: the fixings to the hulls and the anchoring points of the crossbeams on the floats skillfully mask the rotating and folding mechanisms.


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Specification sheet Bandit 870

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