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Indian Ocean


Are you looking for amazingly beautiful, but isolated and deserted anchorages, or wanting to discover heavenly islands with charming inhabitants? The solution: the Seychelles, a ...

Indian Ocean


Mid-way between Africa and Asia, Madagascar is a unique island-continent. A destination you will not forget; more than a discovery, a revelation… Between the exuberance of its ...

Indian Ocean

Seychelles : La Digue

Cruising in the Seychelles is a dream. Sublime underwater life, an exceptional welcome from a charming population, and above all, 115 coral or granite islands. But if you could ...

Indian Ocean

The Maldives

Sun, sand and sparkling blue sea... A thousand islands where you can play at Robinson Crusoe, turquoise lagoons with waters that are incredibly rich in flora and fauna… You are ...

Indian Ocean


Do you yearn for ‘exotic’ destinations? You can no longer stand sailing where all the others go?  You dream of the unique atmosphere that only Asia can offer? Well look no ...

Indian Ocean


What can we say about the Seychelles...? Amazingly beautiful anchorages in catamaran, a profusion of islands, an exceptional seabed, a welcoming population and a rare kindness. In ...

Indian Ocean


Shield your eyes... Malaysia is THE destination. The Asian light, the scenery which is as beautiful as at the origin of the world, the kindness of the inhabitants. Everything is ...

Indian Ocean


Since March 2011,  Mayotte has been the 101st French ‘département'... But this island is above all a destination which is unique in the world, through its huge, superb ...

Indian Ocean

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is opening up to the nautical industry. As of just a few weeks ago, a first cruising catamaran is actually being offered for charter, with a crew. Let’s head for the ...

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Indian Ocean - Seychelles

Are you looking for amazingly beautiful, but isolated and deserted anchorages, or wanting to discover heavenly islands with charming inhabitants? The solution: the Seychelles, a string of countless islands among the most beautiful in the world, lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean.


In the Seychelles we enter the world of picture postcard images: the flora and fauna are jealously protected by the authorities, the result being that the scenery is sublime and the sea bed of unequalled richness…

There is no need to say more about these ecological wonders, the magnificent beaches and lagoons, the extraordinary opportunities for underwater exploration. The Seychelles form a real paradise which is gradually opening up to water-borne tourism. To be discovered as soon as possible…


The cruising area is restricted to the inner islands, (for the Amirantes, on request only). It includes the four main islands of Mahé, Praslin, Silhouette, La Digue and two dozen of smaller islands.

The cruising area : an unspoilt paradise, pure heaven

The beauty of the islands will leave you breathless 

Granite rocks polished by the sea , beautiful white sand beaches 

Amazing equatorial flora and fauna with rare species of birds, animals, fishes, trees, flowers. 

Natural treasures : marine turtles, Vallée de mai and coco de mer, coral reefs, seabird colonies.

Practical info

Formalities : for EU and North Americans citizens : valid passport. 

Weather : The best period : All the year round. No hurricanes. 

Cruising : No great difficulties during the day. Navigation is on sight and the buoyage is, for the most part, accurate. 

Languages : English, French, Creole

Provisions : We recommend you to sock up with enough food at the start of the cruise, as afterwards it can be difficult to find supplies… You can also contact

Time difference : +2H in summer ; +3H in winter, compared to Paris.

Money : Seychelles Rupee (+/-0,06 euros). But you can also play in Euros in most places.

Check the website of the central bank of Seychelles for daily change:

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