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New Caledonia

The world’s biggest lagoon… Here is the fabulous playground that awaits you for your cruise in New Caledonia. A cruise to the other end of the world that will take you back to ...



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Pacific - New Caledonia
Catamaran rental New Caledonia
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Catamaran rental
Pacific - New Caledonia

The world’s biggest lagoon… Here is the fabulous playground that awaits you for your cruise in New Caledonia. A cruise to the other end of the world that will take you back to the “land of origins”…



Imagine a coral reef 1600 km long surrounding a tongue of land 400 km long and 50 km wide… You are in New Caledonia, the “Island of Origins”, the island of “eternal spring”… Located some 1500 km from the East coast of Australia and some 18,000 km from France, this French territory is made up of a main island (Grande Terre), to the southeast Île des Pins, to the east the Loyalty islands (Maré, Lifou, Tiga and Ouvéa), to the northwest the Bélep archipelago and many islets… Obviously, this magnificent lagoon offers a wide range of places to drop anchor and a delight for diving buffs (with or without air tanks). All you have to do is get into the water, with your mask and snorkel, to discover an unbelievable spectacle: a multitude of multicolored fishes against the backdrop of coral… Paradise! Moreover, as soon as you weigh anchor, don’t hesitate to set up dragnets… That way you will be sure to diner on dolphinfish or Tazar! If you prefer to visit the south lagoon of La Grande Terre, you will discover a symphony of colors, between the green of the tropical vegetation, the various shades of turquoise in the lagoon dotted with islands and islets and the ochre of the massifs… An enchantment! Of course, your navigation will take you to the famous Île des Pins, a sheer gem, with its beaches of fine white sand lined with the columnar pine trees that have its name to this island in crystalline waters. For those who are in search of greater authenticity, the Loyalty Islands, located 80 nautical miles east of Grande Terre, offer their pristine natural and cultural heritage. The anchorages you will discover there, will most often be deserted. So as not to miss anything throughout your cruise, be certain to have all the supplies you need before leaving Nouméa…


Itinerary for one week’s rental starting from Port Moselle

Imagine the world’s biggest lagoon under your hulls… It is hard to recommend any model itinerary. The lagoon has so many anchorages and islets that you will have plenty of choice. You won’t want to miss the Bay of Prony (for divers) and of course the fabulous world-famous unique “Île des Pins”… It is best to have someone recommend an itinerary, and improvise from there!

Practical info

Formalities : an ID card is sufficient for French nationals, valid passport for all others.

Weather : New Caledonia is the island of eternal spring. It does, however, have four seasons. December to March: the cyclone season, with temperatures of 30-35°C/86-95°F, 25°C/77°F for the water. From June to August, is the “cool” season (20-27°C/68-80°F for the air, 20/23°C/68-74°F for the water). The ideal season for sailing is from September to November: the tradewind blows constantly and the temperature is very pleasant (Information on site from Météo France: general forecasts: 36 65 00 / marine forecast: 36 65 08).

Temperatures : 20-30°C/68-86°F

Sailing conditions : A coral reef means coral “patates”. Consequently, some areas should be approached only with the greatest caution. As always and with the sun high in the sky and in your back, you will see the differences in the color of the water that inform you on the nature of the seafloor. Do not hesitate to climb on the spreaders to locate pèges Your hulls and your rental company will be grateful.

Wind : The southeasterly tradewind is supposed to be well established from September to November. -

Currency : Pacific franc

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Pacific - New Caledonia
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