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Perus Yacht Design
Romain Scolari Design
Jonas Hertwig

The Yacht Design Collective was founded by 3 individuals with the same goal: to join design, engineering and naval architecture and complement these skills with a common vision (towards boat design).

Jonas, founder of Jonas Hertwig Design studied product design in the Netherlands and shaped his form language in various European studios before heading south to Milan to complete a master degree in boat design. His studio works with various clients in the design field with a strong focus on yacht design.  

François, founder of Perus Yacht Design, studied naval architecture and offshore engineering in Brittany and Paris. Trained later in Australia and Asia he set up his company in France and focused in multihull designs.

Romain studied with François and then joined a Parisian boat design office. After gaining experience especially in special projects in floating architecture and river boat design he founded Romain Scolari Design.

This mix of skills allows YDC to cover a wide range of projects and to manage each step of the design and engineering process. From a 4m kayak to 40m floating bar, from a 6m sport sailing trimaran to blue water cruiser, custom one off design to series production, YDC thrives to offer the best answer to a client requirements. Set in the current design and technological trends.


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