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Founded in 1983 in Annecy, CRISTEC (standing for CReation, Innovation Scientifique et TEChnique, or Scientific and Technical Innovation and Creation) specializes in energy conversion. The company is now based in Quimper in Brittany.

CRISTEC belongs to the ENAG group since 1993 and its success is built on its teams and technical means, whose expertise is widely recognized.

In 2014, Henri le Gallais, then CEO of ENAG-CRISTEC group, took over the company, backed by five managers of the company, industrialists and two financial partners.

Our mission: through our know-how and our skills, bring value to all our current and future customers, to help them anticipate and find today the solution to their needs of tomorrow.

CRISTEC offers expertise on an international scale via its range of standard and customized products mainly for on-board applications.

Thanks to our network of agents and distributors who are present in over 50 countries we can guarantee our clients reliable universal solutions for use in extreme environmental conditions.

Please visit : https://www.cristec.fr/english/






31 rue Marcel Paul ZI Kerdroniou Est 29000 Quimper


+33 (0)2 98 53 80 82

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