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10, Place Pierre Puget 83000 Toulon France


+33 (0) 494 23 15 51

Whether you own, hire boats or manage catamarans, this page is dedicated to you.

There are several systems to secure your assets and persons on board : various tracking device equipped with distress button or not, alarms against partial theft or intrusion, camera, satellite phone etc...

New: We.Stream
How about going out and about with a WiFi box that can automatically connect to the better performing network almost anywhere in the world?

The We.Stream mobile WiFi hotspot is equipped with Cloud SIM and VPN (virtual private network) technologies to guarantee a highly secure connection. Are you afraid of finding yourself outside the areas covered by the service? Mondicon engineers have an all-in-one with a dual sim card and more built-in SIM for local use. The We.Stream is able to charge your other devices.

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