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DNA performance sailing

DNA performance sailing

DNA performance sailing is powered by Dutch-based company Holland Composites where a small team of experts develop and build fast foiling multihulls.

At DNA they create state-of-the-art foiling multihulls and the line-up of their platforms currently comprises the following models:

  • the F1 – an 18 ft featherweight and superfast A-class catamaran; 2010-2016 Worlds winner
  • the TF10 – a 36 ft One Design folding trimaran for inshore and coastal racing
  • the G4 – a 40 ft highperformance catamaran with creature comforts for weekend sailing
  • the F4 – a 46 ft One Design thoroughbred catamaran for coastal and offshore racing


De Serpeling 10, 8219 PZ Lelystad The Netherlands


+31 (0)320 28 18 77

Technical specs of boats from this yard

See the full list of technical specifications

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