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Published on 07 february 2014 at 10h19

Solarwave-Yachts has developed a system that reduces the operation-hours of diesel-engines and thus the consumption to close to zero. It is more simple, needs less maintenance and costs less than any conventional fuel-depending propulsion and energy-supply. It grants more luxury, comfort, independence reliability and safety. At the roof of the Solarwave yachts high efficiency solar-panels of the latest generation are recharging the light weight lithium-batteries. The special configuration of the components provides an unique energy-balance: The solar-panels produce more power, than the household and the electric motors consume. So the batteries are beeing charged while driving the yacht!

Length: 19,43 m (64‘)
Width: 9,5 m (31,2‘)
Draft: 0,8 m (2,6‘)
Light-Ship-Weight CE: 18 t
Cruising Speed: 6-8 kt
Top Speed: 12 kt
Certifikation: CE - A
Range: Trans-Ocean

A Solarwave-Yacht has virtually unlimited range – also when the sun is not shining. In case of longer periods of bad weather, the range-extender starts automatically when the batteries are low. The energy is stored in the batteries and can also be used in bad weather-conditions and during the night. The light-weight Lithium-Batteries provide ample energy for the propulsion as well as for all household appliances – 230 V (110 V) day and night (24/7!) for television, air-conditioning, ice-machine, watermaker, laptop and much more. No need to search for a marina to charge the batteries, to get ice, to refuel or to fill your watertanks.




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