Autoprop Eco*Star - A propeller designed to be used with electric propulsion

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Multihulls fitted with electric motors require propellers that can cope with the significant torque at low revs that you get with electric propulsion as well as with hydrogeneration, at greatly varying boatspeeds. Variable-pitch propeller specialist Bruntons has thus been rewarded for its early involvement in the development of props that are specially adapted to an electric drivetrain, with more and more models now being equipped with them, both as original equipment and aftermarket installations. The Eco*Star propeller also has the advantage of reducing drag by 85% in feathering mode (this performance enhancement can translate into a gain in speed of one knot) and ensuring perfect performance whether ahead or astern thanks to propeller blades with the same optimal shape for both directions.

Models available:
7 diameters from 380 mm to 510 mm or 15” to 20”
7 shaft diameters from 20 mm to 35 mm or 7/8” to 1½”

H6E, H9E, H62E
7 shaft diameters from 470 mm to 900 mm or 19” to 35”
7 shaft diameters from 35 mm to 75 mm or from 1½” to 3” 

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