Cornell’s Ocean Atlas - Third edition: Pilot charts of all the world's oceans

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The author is keen to highlight climate changes that are likely to have an impact on ocean passage-making. One of the most notable of these is the gradual decrease in the regularity and reliability of the trade winds, as many boaters on frequently-sailed ocean routes can attest. But for Jimmy, the most significant and visible disruption has been the increase in the intensity and extent of tropical cyclones, both in terms of the length of the cyclone or hurricane seasons and the areas affected. This phenomenon obviously has a considerable impact on planning and safety for cruising in general. The extent of the ocean areas affected by tropical storms is therefore highlighted on the monthly maps in this third edition.

In these times of climatic uncertainty, the safety factor in passage planning is becoming ever more significant than in the past, and this atlas will help sailors to plan a safe voyage.

Authors: Jimmy and Ivan Cornell
Language: English and French
156 pages
Price: € 99 

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