Grippy version ABR: Automatic anchor buoy

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We already knew the Grippy anchor buoy, but here is the latest one, the Grippy ABR version, which is even more attractive: when the device has an inclination of more than 90° and the anchor comes up on the ow roller, the rope reel is immediately blocked, which allows an easy recovery of the buoy directly at the front of the boat or under the catamaran's trampoline.

No more leaning over the bow with the boathook to get your buoy back!


Technical specifications:

ABR (Automatic Brake Rope) technology

Rope length: 25 m

HMPE braided rope

Removable night-time indicator

Automatic rope length adjustment

Dynamic drift limiter (the buoy remains perfectly perpendicular to the anchor in case of swell and strong winds)

Night lighting (LED)

Solar charging

Hook for pulpit

Protection cable + 316 stainless steel shackle breaking load > 1200 kg

Rope breaking load > 500 kg

Price: € 520


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