HydroFlask Trail Series : New lightweight vacuum insulated bottles

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The two new Hydro Flask Lightweight Wide-Mouth models, available in 24oz or 32oz, are undoubtedly the lightest on the market: they weigh 25% less than their standard equivalents with the same capacity: 310g (vs. 375g) for the 24oz and 350g (vs. 475g) for the 32oz.

More lightness for the same performance: drinks that keep chilled for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. Perfect for your trips ashore or day-sailing aboard small multihulls.

The walls of these bottles, thinner and tapered on top, save weight while the bottom has been reinforced for greater strength and durability.  

The Specialty Flex Cap is exclusive to Hydro Flask. It is designed in honeycomb insulation with a perforated flexible strap and aluminum pivots, all without compromising on watertightness. It fits with the other caps of the same size in the HydroFlask range.

The most practical feature: the Lightweight Wide Mouth is dishwasher-safe.

Colors: Slate, Obsidian, Clay

24 oz, 310 g, 709 ml, €54.95

32 oz, 350 g, 946 ml, €59.95

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