North Sails Renew - Sailcloth made from sustainable materials

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The main feature of this sailcloth is that it is made from over 90% sustainable raw materials. As a global industry leader, North Sails is committed to finding solutions for sustainable sails, low-impact manufacturing and the use of alternative fibers. For Renew, North Sails uses recycled polyester film and yarn along with biosourced Dyneema. The sailcloth therefore contains almost exclusively recycled and bio-sourced alternative raw materials. The products used are all Bluesign-certified and compliant with ISCC standards, guaranteeing the validity of the sources and processes used in their manufacture. In addition to their ecological credentials, Renew sails offer the same performance and longevity as “traditional” sails. In addition, the Renew program will apply to sustainable raw materials throughout the North Sails range, as the brand works on new solutions to produce sails from eco-friendly products across all North Sails technologies, including 3Di sails. 

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