OS3 COASTAL GILL - The perfect compromise on board a comfortable multihull

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Of course, a “modern” set of foulies always provides optimum protection in wet weather - spray, rain, wind - but it must now be space-saving and not hinder freedom of movement. With the new OS3 range, Gill has developed a jacket, salopettes, pants and waterproof shorts for men and women. The two layers of breathable XPLORE® fabric and selected XPEL technology provide an excellent level of waterproofing as well as protection against stains and odors. The seams are waterproof, and the linings are non-absorbent for quick drying.
Materials: nylon and polyester
Sizes: XS-3XL/8-20
Colors: Ocean and Graphite
Jacket price: 220 €
Salopettes/pants price: 175 €

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