Quick BT DC-AC: Bow thrusters Dependable and more precise

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And trimarans, on the other hand, have only one engine. This is why a bow thruster can be a valuable aid. Italian manufacturer Quick has just launched new innovative models thanks to the use of brushless motors. Quieter than standard models, these BT DC-AC thrusters require minimal maintenance (no more wear on the brushes). But the two main advantages are the proportional use of power - with a power consumption gain of 20 to 30% - and the possibility of supporting full power use for 20 minutes. Three models are available: 185 mm (approx. 7¼”) diameter for a maximum thrust of 105 kgF (1.03kN), 250 mm (approx. 8¾”) for a maximum thrust of 140 kgF (1.37 kN) and 300 mm (approx. 11¾”) for a maximum thrust of 300 kgF (2.04 kN).


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