Sail In Boom - Paddleboard technology now used in lazy bags!

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The design looks very similar to a composite canoe boom. The two rigid inflatable cheeks are connected by a high resistance PVC film mounted on a zipper and equipped with air vents. The whole system is of course designed to work perfectly and durably in the marine environment and ensures the mainsail is perfectly protected from UV, wind and rain. The SIB makes it easier to hoist and lower the main thanks to the open V-angle formed by the two cheeks; the lazy-jacks are therefore spread further apart, reducing the risk of the battens getting caught up in them. The inflatable structure surrounding the boom provides significant protection in the event of an impact, such as an uncontrolled gybe. Installing the SIB is very straightforward: there’s no need to remove the boom, and inflation is via a standard SUP or dinghy valve. The range features 3 models suited to multihulls with 15, 18 and 22-foot booms (4.5, 5.5 and 6.8m). There is also the option to personalize them.

Price: from € 1,290 inc. VAT 

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