SEANAPPS Bénéteau - Entering the interconnected digital age for powercats

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The SEANAPPS app comprises a smart box installed on board the boat. The app itself can be downloaded to a phone and the multihull's information can be entered. From there on, you can access and check the main functions such as fuel level, water level and the state of the batteries, as well as information on the environment - GPS position, wind strength and depth. Having a connected multihull also allows for remote monitoring, safety alerts, and maintenance reminders. SEANAPPS is now installed as standard on many boats from Bénéteau Group brands - including Prestige - though not yet on Lagoon. But thanks to the Retrofit Pack, the system can be fitted to any boat (provided it has a battery).

Price: € 1,319 inc. VAT
1 year’s subscription included
Subsequent renewal price: € 219/year 

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