Voyager « Dry » - Gill's waterproof cylinder bag

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Among them, we were particularly interested in the Voyager Dry waterproof cylinder bags, available in three colors and, notably, in several sizes - from a compact 5-liter for carrying your essentials to a large 50-liter, capable of replacing a travel bag. All of them have a roll-up closure and side straps for optimal waterproofing. The wide opening makes it easy to access and locate any of your gear. The semi-transparent window also lets you see exactly what's inside the bag and where, without having to open it. Multiple attachment points make the bag easy to secure for trips ashore in the dinghy or if you take it paddleboarding.

Colors: Black, Sulfur and Bluejay

50 L - € 55
25 L - € 35
10 L - € 28
5 L - € 22

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