WD-40 - Indispensable on board!

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- To effectively protect against salt and spray damage

- Restoring and improving electrical contacts

- Removing the moisture from the spark plugs of your tender’s outboard

- Preventing corrosion on blocks

- Lubricating hinges on doors and lockers

- Loosening seized or rusted screws and nuts

- Unseizing blocked parts and mechanisms

- Avoiding the formation of sulphate on the battery terminals.

- Cleaning and protecting hatch mechanisms

- Cleaning and protecting fittings

- Lubricating and unseizing rigging screws

- Cleaning winches

- Removing traces of sludge and grease

- Lubricating and unseizing locks

- Suppressing squeaks

- Protecting your tools on board

- Lubricating fishing rods reels

- Protecting and polishing stainless steel


On sale in all DIY stores.

Price for 400 ml of WD-40: €8.50


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