WD-40 Specialist - High-performance multi-function grease

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This new formula guarantees a high level of sealing and ensures perfect lubrication of equipment, despite water penetration. WD40 Specialist Heavy-Duty Grease is resistant to extreme conditions such as high pressure, high loads, high temperatures, wear, and washout. Once applied, the product leaves a thick, viscous lubricating film on the surface to protect exposed equipment. Boaters will find the optimal solution for greasing bearings, hinges (even heavily loaded ones), slides, chains, winches, turnbuckles and springs. And of course, the lubrication of engine parts and propeller shafts.

400 g cartridge: € 15.30 ex-tax (cartridge compatible with all standard grease guns). Also available in a 150g tube for € 11.70 ex-tax 

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