Wichard Chain - Grip A new one-piece design

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Once taken up, the bridle releases the load of the chain off the windlass and ensures better swinging in the anchorage. The latest generation of Wichard chain grips features a new one-piece design. Compared to previous chain hooks, the lug used to prevent the chain from coming out has been replaced by an L shape. This new range is available in 3 models for chain sizes from 8 to 12 mm. Forged in Duplex stainless steel, they offer excellent resistance to corrosion. Remember that the chain grip fits between two links and not through the middle of a link.

The three models:

Ref. Chain size Length  Rope size in mm Working load Weight
2994 8 mm 85 mm 17 480 kg  88 g
2995 10 mm 103 mm 22 720 kg 156 g
2996 12 mm 125 mm 24 960 kg  287 g 

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