With the Ewincher winch handle, maneuvers become a pleasure

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The Ewincher electric winch handle, finalist in 2017’s Nautic Innovation Awards, has also obtained the title of Winner in the USA’s Pittman Innovation Awards for 2018.

Ewincher is a 10 inch long winch handle (standard size) which thus adapts to all deck plans. It weighs just 2.2 kg, is equipped with a removable battery and locks on the winch. With three operating modes, Ewincher adapts to all maneuvers. The Assisted mode for effortless winching: you activate and adjust the rotation speed by simple pressure on the trigger. All you have to do is hold it; the Ewincher does the work for you. The Manual mode to refine an adjustment, using it as a standard winch handle.Finally, the Combined mode is ideal for a fast maneuver: the electric rotation is used, while simultaneously turning the handle manually, to combine the two rotation speeds for really increased speed. Ewincher is equipped with a lithium battery, which can be recharged from either 12 or 220V; a full charge takes just 1hr 30mins, and will last for a day’s sailing. The winch handle is a connected object; from your smartphone, you can adjust a torque limiter, to adapt the power to its user and avoid breakages, and access information on its use. We carried out a test by hoisting a crew member (1.9 m and 95 kg) up the mast of an Outremer 4X (19m!), with no apparent difficulty. A nice object, seriously built, well presented, independent, delivered in a case with chargers and a 2nd battery. The price, 3,000 euros, may seem high, but the handle can replace several electric winches…


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Philippe Echelle

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